Heritage & CCTI Student Award

Heritage Sign and Display & CCTI Student Award

On June 7, 2018 Heritage Sign and Display, Inc. presented CCTI (Carbon Career Technical Institute) Graphic Design student Theresa Muniz with this year’s $250 Scholarship Award.

The students (grades 9th-12th) in the Graphic Design program at CCTI were tasked with a scholarship project to re-create our company website from scratch. They were provided with company information, logos and product images and given full creative control to produce a new functioning website. Per the guidelines were they had to at least have a homepage with menu/navigation system, product page with a photo gallery and one other page of their choosing.

Once the deadline came to submit, Heritage staff reviewed the projects and determined that Theresa Muniz had the strongest website layout. She created a simple functioning layout, using the information provided. The modern look with a crisp white background makes the text and images pop. The overlapping scrolling function she incorporated was a nice way to keep the viewer interested when browsing the site. Overall she successfully completed the task.

Theresa is a Panther Valley sophomore that attends CCTI for the Graphics Design program. Once finishing her high school career, she plans on continuing her education at college to become neither a graphic design teacher or a photographer. CCTI’s Graphic Design instructor, Michele Klock told Heritage Theresa is a hard working student and is well desired to received this award. Heritage Sign and Display is honored to have presented this award to Theresa and wish her a successful future in her education and life endeavors.

Heritage Sign & Display is a world leading full service manufacturer of permanent marketing materials. We assist brand growth by providing quality, creative, cost effective signage and displays for use at the point of purchase. We work with some of the most recognized brands in the beverage industry marketplace, we also work with ones you might never have heard of yet. Our specialty is assisting brand growth by helping develop permanent signage. Additionally we make items that are for sale in gift shops at breweries and on site at distilleries. Please visit our website for more information at www.popsigns.com

HSD Products: A-Frame Sandwich Boards • Acrylic Displays • Bottle Glorifiers • Chalkboards • Changeable Letter Boards • Counter Displays • Clocks • Decorated Mirrors • Dry Erase Boards • Edge-Lit Markerboards• Glow-LiteLEDsTM• Large Case Displays • Infinity Mirrors • Infinity Signs • Laser Etched Signs • LED Signs & Displays • Light Boxes • Lighted Write-On Boards • Magnet Boards • Message Centers • Polarized Motion Signs • Pole Toppers• Pool Table Lamps • Product Glorifiers • Pub Signs •Sandwich Boards • Shape-LitesTM • Shape-WritesTM • Wood Displays • Wooden Signs

HSD Capabilities:  Acrylic Polishing/Bending/Engraving • CNC Cutting • Digital Printing • Design & Layout • Die-Cutting • 4cp & Spot Screen Printing • Electrical Wiring/UL 48 Fixture Mfr. •Fulfillment & Drop Shipping • Glass Beveling • Glass Etching • Hot Stamping • Laminating • Laser Cutting & Engraving • Moulding • Manufacturing • Mounting • Polyurethane Foam Mfr. • Pre-Press • Sandblasting • Silvering • Vacuum Forming • Wood Working

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